Running Made Easy

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Fit-walking while fit-thinking



Photo: Tres

I made it. I went fit-walking for 30 mins this morning, I also tried to run for 60 secs to check my knee: perfect! The only thing is that I was very late, I went running at 8.55am

While fit-walking I thought that I do not have any more time to be lazy, I’ve been there, I’ve done that…I know the sweet taste of laziness and over-indulgence, but it is no more for me.

Time’s going fast and I have to take into account mistakes and odds, that’s why discipline and consistency have now to accompany my life on a regular basis. I do not have any other wise choice than this one.
I also thought that I have to stop to give mixed signals to my mind: yesterday I overindulged on carbs and coffes and little chocolates …it is not good at all, it’s mental training as well.
From now on my signals to my mind will be consistent. Mind like water. Focus. Consistency towards the goals. Not just words…

P.S. I must admit that I like fit-walking, the only problem is that my bottom hurts sooo much…my poor muscles 🙂


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